Sell your home on the MLS in Long Island
Flat Fee MLS New York
New York Flat Fee MLS
Flat Fee MLS New York
Long Island Flat Fee MLS
flat rate mls new york
new york for sale by owner
Get on the New York MLS system and pay only $69.95 per month.

Enjoy a hands on do it youself system and save a lot of money in the process.

We are licensed in New York and are not a referral service.  You know what your getting because there is no middle man like for example.

All photos, changes, and open houses are free.  

Most importantly you get free call forwarding included in your package.  Which means all the calls will be going straight to you.

There is no secretary.  There is no transfer of phone calls.  Our system makes sure you get all the calls right away.

Quality is important to us which is why for only $69.95 you get good human service.  The type you can rely on.

Click get started below and complete the payment then call 877-909-0699 and we will help you get on the MLS and hopefully save you thousands of dollars on real estate commissions.

Sell Your Home without a Realtor
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